Manager Training: How to Help Your Managers Manage Their Teams Remotely

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We partnered with 360Learning, experts in collaborative learning initiatives, for a webinar on how to support your team remotely.


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✔ How treating each team member as a unique person builds a stronger
remote team

✔ How to build a communication framework that keeps the 
whole team connected

✔ How to run better one-on-one meetings remotely

✔ Tried-and-tested strategies to train managers to effectively manage 
remote teams

✔ Why manager training is absolutely essential in maintaining employee engagement, productivity, and performance

✔ Common pitfalls in manager training and how to avoid them


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"Uptick has completely transformed our one-on-ones by providing a user-friendly check-in platform that allows managers to stay attuned to their direct reports."


Laura Forsell, Vice President, Programs & Operations, Special Olympics Arizona