Have meaningful conversations with your new hires

Struggling to come up with productive questions for your 1:1s with new hires? This guide teaches you how to craft  questions that will turn your 1:1s into real conversations. Plus we'll give you 15  new hire-specific example questions (and follow-ups!) that you can start using right away.

Real conversations over status updates

Status updates can be done over email. Learn how to transform your 1:1s from run of the mill work updates into a valuable time to have constructive conversations with your new hires.

Prompt discussions, not responses

We outline the "dos and don'ts" of how to create, develop and utilize one-on-one questions that will result in a real, relationship building discussion — and not just the same, quick, one-word response over and over again.

New hire-centric conversation guide

Backed by 3 years of research, we've come up with a set of new hire-specific questions that will get you started. We've also included follow up questions and responses to help keep the conversation going.