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Leadership Coaching Session: One-on-One Meetings



One-on-one are incredibly important — they can help unlock your team's potential and build strong  working relationships —but they're difficult to get right.

Uptick Co-founder Chris Zaugg has over 3 decades of combined management experience and is passionate about helping managers have better conversations and one-on-ones with team members. This is your coaching session, so we'll cover whatever interests you most, but here some topics we've covered in past coaching sessions:

✔️ How to leverage one-on-ones to help your team perform at a higher level

✔️ How to give feedback in one-on-ones

✔️ How to keep one-on-ones from getting repetitive

✔️ How to get started with one-on-ones — or reboot your existing one-on-ones

✔️ How to balance "work" conversations and developmental conversations with your team ember

✔️ How to scale your one-on-ones as your team grows

✔️ How to help train managers to hold effective one-on-ones

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Chris Zaugg, CEO & Co-founder, Uptick

Uptick Co-founder and President Chris Zaugg has over three decades worth of experience building and managing teams. Chris is passionate about establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with his team members — and helping others do the same. He’s learned a lot over the course of his career and he’s excited to share his lessons with you.



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