Prioritize real conversations over status updates

Uptick equips managers with a consistent and easy to follow structure  to help them get 1:1s off the ground from day one. Our suggested conversation-starting questions help managers start — and keep —conversations rolling.

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Better 1:1s with Uptick


Follow conversations, not agendas

Choose from Uptick's Starter Question Sets — designed to prompt real conversations, not just one word answers — to get the conversation rolling from day one, or, create your own and use them in your 1:1s.

In the moment, not on the spot

Surprises from the boss are your employees' worst nightmare. Uptick gives team members a chance to look through and respond to 1:1 topics ahead of time. So the 1:1 is about having a real conversation, not thinking on their feet.

Keep it fresh and kill repetition

Are you having the same 1:1 meeting over and over again? Uptick makes it easy to add, update and mix new questions into 1:1s so everyone stays engaged.

Never miss another meeting

You can't have better 1:1s if you never remember to have them in the first place. Uptick sends managers and team members calendar invites to a recurring meeting that's easy to reschedule. Bonus: There's a great Zoom integration for remote 1:1s.

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What our customers are saying

"The level of trust within our team has never been higher, and that's in large part thanks to Uptick."

Uptick has been the most important tool added to my "managerial tool belt" in the last 5 years. I now have complete confidence that my, and other managers', 1:1s contain every necessary ingredient for successful and meaningful meetings.

Dan Kerrigan College Muscle Movers

Dan Headshot

What really inspires people is a personal, authentic, one-on-one connection. That's what Uptick helps with. It helps you hold better, more productive conversations. It truly makes our business more human.


Anthony Deloso Knurture


Getting transparent conversations between managers and employees is really hard to do. Uptick starts a process that will change things. Now I know what my manager wants to see and he knows what I’m getting done.


Kyle Anderson OPIN Systems


1:1s don't have to be aimless.

Let Uptick Help.

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